Thursday, 10 May 2012

When to say I love you and love poetry

The use of the phrase "I love you" can be used freely and often but do we always mean it? Does it really matter? Can we show that we love someone without saying it? And how does this compare with saying "I love you" to someone?

Women expect the phrase I love you after a suitable number of dates and when she starts to have feelings of affection. Quite often it is not really "I love you" which is being said but the expression of I really like you and want to be with you, which is what the woman really hears in her head. This is because it is routine for men to say it without really meaning it as a consequence of the man knowing the woman wants and expects it to be said, so to accommodate, the man say's it to proceed with getting closer to the woman. This initial I love you, is not as significant as that later on which is unsolicited (not expected). When a man says it and she is not expecting it after the initial trial dating phase that’s when he is no longer saying yes I could have feelings for you too but I adore you and think of you all the time.

If a person is in love, it is much easier and effective to rely upon their actions to show this, as actions are a lot more difficult to fake than just saying three words. If a man loves a woman then it will be expressed in the things he does, like walking on the side closest to the road, preparing surprises to ensure that they spend time together in different ways and thus keep the woman's interest, subtle body language which is often affectionate and comforting. It’s not just a matter of words, as words are cheap and are of no great effort but to express yourself, with what we call romance then that shows intent of feeling.

One form that a man can use to express these feelings is the old tradition of poetry although popularly thought of as cheesy, if a woman already is interested and wants conformation of a man’s intentions then it is an excellent expression to use. If one does not know the woman enough or is unsure of her character then you wouldn't be in love with them and there would not be the need to express it using poetry. If you have strong feelings towards someone then why not try it, you don't have to be Shakespeare but follow the English tradition set down by many of our great men of history. I enclose a poem I once wrote for someone so that others that although cannot find the words would like to express themselves to another. Note: If you get the desired result after using this poem, you owe me a comment and a click on Google plus one icon, a donation wouldn't hurt either :)

My love for you,

Is like the sun,

Hot and strong,

Shining all day long,

It does not cease,

Even out of sight,

It burns bright,

Right through the night,

I hold you,

Often as I do,

I think of love,

And I think of you,

To live my life,

Without your smile,

Would be to hold my breath,

All the while,

For all I am,

Though just a man,

I give to you,

All that makes me,

Now belongs to you.

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