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Bioinformatics useful bits

A) Converting phred64 to phred33 fastq reads using trimmomatic:

java -jar trimmomatic-0.30.jar SE -threads 40 -phred64 /home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/rawReads/D3_R1.fastq.gz /home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/rawReads/D3_R1P33.fastq TOPHRED33

java -jar trimmomatic-0.30.jar SE -threads 40 -phred64 /home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/rawReads/D3_R2.fastq.gz /home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/rawReads/D3_R2P33.fastq TOPHRED33

B) Extracting reads from SAM file using list of read names:
Put read names into file "Reads.txt"
dos2unix Reads.txt
LC_ALL=C grep -w -F -f Reads.txt  < in.sam > subset.sam

C) Reducing a bam file using a list of contigs from an VCF excel file:

Reduce the ids by removing duplicates
copy and paste the resulting ids to a file called "scaffoldstokeep_single.txt"
convert the file to linux

Using this file template copy the scaffolds just before the ">" character leaving a space. and call it "" as shown below

samtools view -F 4 C6_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup.bam IWGSC_CSS_5AL_scaff_2425045 (more ids??)  > C6_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced.sam

Remove return characters:

awk '{ sub("\r$", " "); print }' >
cat | tr -d "\n" >

Run the script and change for each bam file you have.

Produce a scaffold id list to strip the header you need to replace.
perl -ne 'chop; print "SN:$_\n"' scaffoldstokeep_single.txt > scaffold_ids.txt
grep -f scaffold_ids.txt D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sam > headers.txt

Add the header to the reduced file and sort index etc.

cat headers.txt D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced.sam > D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_h.sam

samtools view -bS D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_h.sam > D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_h.bam

samtools sort D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_h.bam D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_h.sort

samtools index D3_R12P33_IWGSP1.21_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_h.sort.bam

D) unpack a SRA downloaded file using fastq-dump.2.3.4 when illumina paired files:

./fastq-dump.2.3.4 --split-files SRR1027330.sra

E) Get mRNA transcripts from a GFF file. Need the fasta file too. Use the tool provided by cufflinks like this:
gffread -w transcripts.fa -g p3_p13839_Fus_grami_v32_chromosomal.fasta p3_p13839_Fus_grami_v32_chromosomal.gff3

F) Get mRNA, Fasta file, GFF3 file from a combined Fasta/GFF3 file:
Get fasta file
sed -n '/>/,$p' BrachV2013_10.gff3 > BrachV2013_10.fasta 
count lines:
wc -l BrachV2013_10.gff3
3832477 BrachV2013_10.gff3
3399164 BrachV2013_10.fasta
Get GFF file:
cat BrachV2013_10.gff3 | head -n 433313 > BrachV2013_10_2.gff3 
Get transcripts:
gffread -w transcripts.fa -g BrachV2013_10.fasta BrachV2013_10_2.gff3 

G) Adding Read groups for gatk tools to bam files when you forget during the mapping:

java -Xmx4g -jar /home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/tools/picard-tools-1.105/AddOrReplaceReadGroups.jar INPUT=/home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/Final_results/References/A6_P33_Triticum_aestivum.IWGSP1.21.dna_RM.genome_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced.bam OUTPUT=/home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/Final_results/References/A6_P33_Triticum_aestivum.IWGSP1.21.dna_RM.genome_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_GATK.bam RGID=1 RGLB=illumina RGPL=illumina RGPU=1 RGSM=A6 SORT_ORDER=coordinate
Need to index again too:
samtools index /home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/Final_results/References/A6_P33_Triticum_aestivum.IWGSP1.21.dna_RM.genome_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_reduced_GATK.bam
H) Get Exon; length, GC content, read depth:
java -Xmx50g -jar GenomeAnalysisTK.jar --minMappingQuality 20 -R /home/data/bioinf_resources/prebuild_index/Athaliana/genome/bwa/Triticum_aestivum.IWGSP1.21.dna_rm.genome.fa -T DepthOfCoverage -o Triticum_aestivum_MinQual20 -I ../input_bams.list -L /home/data/rking/Exon.bed
java -Xmx50g -jar GenomeAnalysisTK.jar -R /home/data/bioinf_resources/prebuild_index/Athaliana/genome/bwa/Triticum_aestivum.IWGSP1.21.dna_rm.genome.fa -T DepthOfCoverage -o Triticum_aestivum_MinQual0 -I ../input_bams.list -L /home/data/rking/Exon.bed
java -Xmx2g -jar GenomeAnalysisTK.jar -T GCContentByInterval -R /home/data/bioinf_resources/prebuild_index/Athaliana/genome/bwa/Triticum_aestivum.IWGSP1.21.dna.genome.fa -o Triticum_GC_nonM.txt -L /home/data/rking/Exon.bed

I) Get GC content and number of bases with a given coverage from a bam file:
samtools mpileup -IBA -q 20 A6_P33_IWGSC_CSS_ALL_scaff_novo_H15_t60.sort.rmdup_Gen.bam -f /home/data/wheat_ems_mutation/reference/iwgsc_css_assembly/IWGSC_CSS_ALL_scaff.fa > A6.mpileup
awk '$4 >= 8' A6.mpileup > A6.covfilter.mpilup
perl -lane'print if $F[2] eq A' A6.covfilter.mpilup > A6_A.covfilter.mpilup
perl -lane'print if $F[2] eq C' A6.covfilter.mpilup > A6_C.covfilter.mpilup
perl -lane'print if $F[2] eq G' A6.covfilter.mpilup > A6_G.covfilter.mpilup
perl -lane'print if $F[2] eq T' A6.covfilter.mpilup > A6_T.covfilter.mpilup
wc -l A6_C.covfilter.mpilup
wc -l A6_T.covfilter.mpilup
wc -l A6_G.covfilter.mpilup
wc -l A6_A.covfilter.mpilup
total= 7348948
=46.71% GC content of sample A6 for reads 8 or above coverage
Count total coverage of which can be divided by total number of bases to get average.
cat D3.mpileup | awk '{ sum+=$4} END {print sum}'

Mapping stats:

#Number of mapped reads (count multi-mapped reads only once)

samtools view accepted_hits.bam | cut -f1 | sort -u | wc -l


#Unique mapped reads

samtools view accepted_hits.bam | fgrep -cw NH:i:1


#Multi mapped reads

samtools view accepted_hits.bam | fgrep -vw NH:i:1 | cut -f1 | sort -u | wc -l


Z) Eval script use: -g -q ../MIPS.gtf ../sd.gtf > comparison.txt

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